Heavy duty valvetrain kit, Includes roller rockers, billet adapter plate, molly rods


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These parts are all new, I didn't use them and decided to work on my big block.

2x new chrome molly rods 5.200" these are the length for stock 212cc non-hemi predators without billet lifters
212 Predators (Old Style)
5.200; Stock length $23.98 retail

Rocker Arms, 4140 Billet Steel, 1.2 ratio, Use with 26 lb and larger springs. Use with 252 and larger cams. . (If using stainless steel valves, lash caps are required), $109.99 retail

Guide Plate, Billet, 212 predator $5.99 retail

90$ shipped for the whole valve train kit, and these parts work with each other better to buy them all together. The rocker arms are simple and easy to install and they work with the stock lock nuts. any questions please pm. Paypal preferred payment.
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