1. tellegubby

    Making Kawasaki MT1A plate

    Hello all, After a bit of a slow Sunday (was a good day though) decided to hop into Blender and try to mock up a plate for my 1972/3 Kawasaki MT1A. Never had the plate growing up. Always kind of bugged me. I intend to 3D print it, and add GCODE at specific layer heights so I can do color...
  2. 20200507_181220.jpg


    Engine mounting plate done
  3. 20200506_174944.jpg


    Aluminium engine plate fabrication.
  4. 20200506_174937.jpg


    Aluminium engine plate fabrication.
  5. 20200506_162140.jpg


    Aluminium engine plate fabrication.
  6. 20200504_161650.jpg


    Aluminium engine plate fabrication.
  7. BWL

    Side plate bolts keep backing out`

    Man, the side plate bolts on my BSP motor keep backing out. I torque them to 17 lb-ft. What is it? Do you guys use lock tight or something? I even loose a bolt most every trip out on the river. Weirdest thing ever. Never had this problem with any powerhead before now.
  8. L

    Heavy duty valvetrain kit, Includes roller rockers, billet adapter plate, molly rods

    These parts are all new, I didn't use them and decided to work on my big block. 2x new chrome molly rods 5.200" these are the length for stock 212cc non-hemi predators without billet lifters 212 Predators (Old Style) 5.200; Stock length $23.98 retail Rocker Arms, 4140 Billet Steel, 1.2 ratio...
  9. C

    Bonanza Chopper ID plate

    I'm rebuilding a 1969 Bonanza Chopper and am trying to find the rectangular ID plate (original or re-pop) that rivets to the front of the engine plate. Can anyone help?
  10. bikebudy

    Maverick head plate decal

    12.00 US each, shipped 2.00 US discount off each extra decal ordered.
  11. bikebudy

    Tecumseh Header plate ?

    Hello OldMiniBikes, I don't know about You but, I have had a hard time finding A Exhaust Header blank. So I finally find a blank from a friend. Correct blank to build a Header for a 4hp Tecumseh. What a thin 16 gauge POS is what is but, it is a perfect template. So I checked today with an outfit...
  12. maknwar

    Help with arc top plate install

    Just got this kit: DJ-1014 ARC Box Stock Parts Kit - ARC Racing It's for a predator 69730, and ordered the 1144 part. Can't figure out how to install. The front bolt isn't long enough and the linkage interferes with the top plate.
  13. Dr. Shop Teacher

    WTB: Lil Indian Model 600 Jack Shaft Plate

    My search for the last remaining part continues. PM'd several sources and have struck out. If you have a "spare" Model 600 jackshaft plate/assembly, pm me if you're interested in letting it go. Repop or original.
  14. M

    Bonanza mx I.D. tag/vin aluminum plate needed!

    Hi, I am looking 4 a Bonanza I.D. tag 4 a mx frame minibike that I would like to restore. Does anyone have one 4 sale or trade/barter? Thanks,Bill p.s. Anyone repop them?
  15. OND

    WTB Tecumseh HS40 ID Plate

    Looking for a Tecumseh ID tag/plate for a HS40 1970 model....any body got one ? HS40-55301B PM me with what you have. Thanks ond
  16. PatrickCraik

    Mounting Predator On A Tilted Plate

    Hi,Will a Predator run correctly if mounted on an angle like in a Rupp or an MTD? Will the carb or exhaust need to be modified? Thanks
  17. Joe-405

    Small Block to Big Block Adapter Plate

    Adapts a gx390 style engine to a small block bolt pattern. I had it made at a machine shop. Made out of 6061 aluminum and is very nice. Works great. Just sold the bike it was on. Must go no need for it anymore........... $50 shipped.
  18. Aircooled

    Slotting the engine mounting plate

    Hi guys, Just have a quick question. I'm getting ready to mount a Predator 212 to my bike. Of course it will entail drilling 4-holes in the plate...or the other option would be the aluminum adapter plate...but would like to save a few scheckles. I'd like to keep the engine mounting adjustable...
  19. chatten63

    bonanza motor plate

    I thought OldMiniBikes had repop motor plates for bonanzas. I guess not so now is anyone making them. I have a frame and the motor plate is so cut up and crap welded to it .I'm not sure which holes and slots are correct. Thanks Rick
  20. JohnnyTillotson

    Fork Plate Decal

    What bike has these on the fork plate? I know ive seen this before. Maybe its just a decal that people would just put on regardless of the make of bike. But i have seen this before. Slowly uncovering it with sleel wool.