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    Brake rotor adapter
  2. 20200503_165306.jpg


    Brake rotor adapter
  3. BWL

    270 Carb with a 390 adapter?

    Hey, will a 270 carburetor fit on the 390 adapter for the gx200 clones? That question came up over on the Mud Motor Kit forums. As we were discussing modifieds, someone I wondered if it'd fit. I wonder if its a better deal than a .670 stock appearing carburetor? It seems once you buy the adapter...
  4. L

    Heavy duty valvetrain kit, Includes roller rockers, billet adapter plate, molly rods

    These parts are all new, I didn't use them and decided to work on my big block. 2x new chrome molly rods 5.200" these are the length for stock 212cc non-hemi predators without billet lifters 212 Predators (Old Style) 5.200; Stock length $23.98 retail Rocker Arms, 4140 Billet Steel, 1.2 ratio...
  5. danford1

    Carb adapter questions for a Predator 212 Hemi

    I have a Predator 212 Hemi on a minibike with an angled engine plate. I have the round air filter adapter and air filter on it. It sticks out the side of the engine and my leg hits the air cleaner easily. I want to buy a carb adapter that will angle the carb toward the rear of the minibike...
  6. maknwar

    doodlebug sprocket adapter

    I'm looking for the one OldMiniBikes sells. Does anyone know if OldMiniBikes will ever get them back in stock? Does anyone else sell them?
  7. bikebudy

    Trail Horse Minibike Sprocket Adapter

    E-bay # 222276123836
  8. Studeman68

    Boonie Bike Exhaust Adapter Needed

    I acquired the optional deluxe muffler/spark arrestor or for my Boonie project but I still need the adapter they used to raise/offset the exhaust port so this muffler will clear the fuel tank... It's the one that looks like a block... Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks...Steve
  9. Not so mini bike

    Sprocket adapter hub for 4" fox lemans rim.

    This one right here. And the sprocket. Let me know
  10. CarPlayLB

    Manco 60 tooth #35 sprocket with adapter

    Here is a brand new Manco 60 tooth #35 chain steel sprocket with the Manco adapter. The adapter was cracked and rewelded. It is ugly, but solid! Will not effect its function. $45.00 shipped, lower 48 only, or trade for beef jerky, canned fish, size 11 tennis shoes, or anything interesting...
  11. Joe-405

    Small Block to Big Block Adapter Plate

    Adapts a gx390 style engine to a small block bolt pattern. I had it made at a machine shop. Made out of 6061 aluminum and is very nice. Works great. Just sold the bike it was on. Must go no need for it anymore........... $50 shipped.
  12. Peekster

    Manco wheel adapter

    Manco wheel adapter $15 plus shipping
  13. deadbug

    air filter and adapter kit cheapest combo?

    I'm looking for a cheap combo for a air filter kit for my 212 hemi . I have looked all over online and want to find the cheapest one including shipping any suggestions would be great
  14. R

    Motovox Mbx10 ??? v. Doodle Bug Adapter

    I am wanting to put the doodle bug adapter sprocket on my Motovox so I can utilize all of these split sprockets I have acquired. My question is just to make sure ... Will the DB adapter work on the motovox wheel? I saw in a few searches where one guy said yea and the dude said he sad going to do...
  15. B

    Sprocket adapter.

    OldMiniBikes warehouse is out of stock on sprocket adapters and I need one. Any idea where else to get one. Also any advice on throttle cable replacements?
  16. Bignate123

    Air filter adapter

    Who is running this airspeed adapter?
  17. jeep4me

    Briggs Filter Adapter w/screen filler

    Briggs filter adapter and metal screen filter. Fits most 5hp Briggs carbs. Selling as a set only. $40 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  18. deadbug

    #40 sprocket doodle bug

    Anyone running a #40 rear sprocket on thier bug?? Starting a project and want to get rid of the old # 35 I seen there is an adapter for the bug just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the #40
  19. heavygs

    Shaft Adapter

    Looking for an adapter to go on a 3/4" motor shaft to make it a 1". I know I've seen people talking about them on here , but I couldn't find it. Hoping one of you more knowledgeable wizards can point me in the right direction. Thx

    Split sprocket and adapter

    Where can I pick up some of those split sprockets and the adapter to keep my Dirtbug from throwing me backwards? Thanks