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I picked up a Super Bronc that someone did a mild resto on. First off they painted the engine and it looks like the ID plate is gone from the Fan cover. Is there any casting numbers or something to help me ID this engine? I was told it is an 8hp. I pulled off the flywheel it had a part number of 13-0-39, the points cover is P/N 610883 If that helps narrow it down. The Carb is also located on the PTO side.

I'm also having an issue with it running. Once its warmed up for 8-10 minutes it dies and will not increase in rpm with throttle. I was first thinking it may be a gas cap issue but that's not it (tried a known good cap). So I'm thinking the ignition is getting heat soaked or ??
Those metal pieces on your flywheel magnets should all look like the one in the 9 o-clock position, you need to clean and epoxy them back on and hold them secure till the epoxy cures with either small c-clamps or R-11 vice grips.

They should have the space between them like the one in the 9 o-clock position too.
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Your engine looks like an HM80 8hp Tecumseh to me but if you want to be certain and there are no numbers just pull the head and measure the piston.