ID This 5" "Wagon Wheel"? It Came as the Rear Wheel on a 1967 Taco 22 Franken-Mini

Wondering what the heck this wheel originally came off of or if it is an aftermarket one? It came on a (pretty beat up) 1967 Taco 22 I got a while back. This was the back wheel and has a sprocket on the other side (that has had a lot of holes drilled into it (sprocket not wheel) from various experiments or whatever :eek:ut:. The wheel came with an old looking Goodyear tire on it and has the "spokes" on both sides with the marked drill hole circles.

The '67 Taco 22 this wheel was on was a total Franken-Bike that also had an original front rim (but minus the bearings and with where they used to go all out of round, ugh) and a 1959 Briggs 2HP for a motor, along with various holes drilled in the frame and total cobble job repair fork. :no:

kinda an interesting rim, just wondering what it is--thanks for any info folks! :thumbsup:

Did some Google images search and yes, you are indeed very correct......thanks so much for the info! I thought it kinda a distinctive wheel and that someone would recognize it! :thumbsup:

Any idea when the rough range of years these were produced? (just a ballpark estimate, i.e. is this a "vintage" wheel or did Azusa produce them until fairly recently? it doesn't seem like they do anymore though).