1. FunWithStuff

    Caesar 4.00-6 Tire Is it from the 1970's?

    Hello! I purchased this tire for a 1972 Cat mini bike a while back. It has a Caesar tire on it and I've never seen one before. I'm wondering does anyone know if this might be the original tire for this wheel (as in is it from the 70's meaning it's more than likely the original)? If it's a 70's...
  2. gwoods27

    WTB - Trail Horse Rear Wheel sprocket and band brake drum mounts

    Looking for a Trail Horse 6” Rear Wheel (5 spoke) with both the sprocket and drum for band bake or even just the sprocket and band brake drum mounts
  3. rustINpeace

    Manco wheel 6 inch

    6” Manco wheel good condition. Not drilled for sprocket. located in Long Beach $10 pick up or 25 in a flat rate USPS box to the lower 48.
  4. 20190519_130649.jpg


    With the help of a strap trying to get and keep air pressure in the tire.
  5. Tod Sales upgrade

    Tod Sales upgrade

    Double jackshaft twister with 12" wheels
  6. Sunset5523

    Cat front wheel

    Looking to trade or buy a 6" cat star front rim.
  7. Taco Loco Joe

    Ruttman Wheel?

    I sold my Kart yesterday and the buyer said he had some mini bike wheels and tires I could have. They turned out to be 2 Carlisle Double Indian heads, a 6" Go Power and what looks like a Ruttman 6" 5 spoke Wheel. I'm wondering if the Astro wheel sprocket would work. Thanks Joe
  8. oldsledz

    5 inch GoPower wheel

    5 inch GoPower wheel , The tire is shot 65.00
  9. S

    Need a Sportstyl wheel

    I recently found a Sportstly Kamp Kat , unfortunately someone has replaced the rear wheel . If anyone has a 6" Sportstyl wheel that they would be willing to part with I would be very interested in purchasing it . Thanks
  10. Fox rear wheel

    Fox rear wheel

    Fox Street Scamp - Before Pics
  11. Fox front wheel

    Fox front wheel

    Fox Street Scamp - Before photos
  12. Fox front wheel

    Fox front wheel

    Fox Street Scamp - Before photos
  13. Fox rear wheel

    Fox rear wheel

    Bike - Before pics
  14. O

    WTB: DB30 rear wheel

    Hi all, I picked up a rough stretched DB30 basket case as my first mini bike project. It is only a frame. Looking for a disk brake rear wheel assembly before I just go ahead and convert it to 1" live axle. Thanks!
  15. A

    Wanted King-o-lawn /Aggie rear wheel

    Anyone have a rear king-o-lawn / Aggie wheel for sale
  16. OND

    Heald Hauler Front Wheel Bearing Numbers

    I'm working on this Heald Hauler for a customer and need to replace the front wheel bearings. Anybody know the correct bearing numbers so I can order them a head of time ?
  17. jimkemp

    Looking for this front wheel

    Please help , I'm in search of this front wheel , its a 10" wheel , don't need a tire just the front wheel
  18. jeep4me

    8" Bonanza wheel rear sprocket

    I'm in search of a decent used, original rear sprocket/brake setup for an 8" Bonanza MX wheel. I need the whole setup, sprocket, drum brake, Bendix arm, spacer, etc. I know I can buy new from OldMiniBikes, but I'm looking for original. Thanks for any help.
  19. Roadmaster75

    MW-CESTAD big wheel trike progress.

    Fine tuning this project now. The original HM80 runs great and had the 7 amp lighting set up on it. I wanted electric start SOOOOO, put in a brand new 11HP Tecumseh, retro fitted the flywheel and 7 amp set to it and added a starter and battery. Its got a switch panel on the front fork...