Mini bike fabrication tools

Mini bike Fabrication tools for sale:
If you do a name search here you can find 2 builds that was done with this equipment.
Mini bike frame jig/welding fixture. Fully adjustable for length, rake and height. If you can use a tape measure a level and a plumb bob this will produce dead on straight frames. It’s simple to use and hold alignments for welding.
JD Square Model 3 tubing bender with 1 inch 180 degree dies set. I bought this new and it makes repeatable bends very easy.
Black Bull Metal bender from Tractor Supply. I had made billet aluminum forming dies for round stock. The bender has all the parts for bending different shapes from flat stock.
Craftsman 230amp Dual Range AC stick welding machine. I can probably give whoever a life supply of E6013 and E7014 electrodes.
Tubing notcher used with hole saws to notch tubing ends for weld fit ups.
350.00 takes it all……Walt
Come get it and I’ll fill your truck up with all kinds of stuff, I’m moving and its gotta go.
email me at for pictures
I am unable to upload pictures here. I am located in Portage In. This is a fantastic deal, do the math on this stuff. If you can access the photos I had posted a while back most of this stuff you can see being used
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I'd love to snatch all that stuff up but as usual I am short of time and money right now just having bought a cnc plasma table and being up north in Michigan right now
hi walt,
i sent you an email.
it'll be from drottoconndave as the front part in case it hit the spam folder.
am very interested in those tools especially the jd square.