Mini Bike Frame


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Hey Guys,

Seeing if anyone in the Metro Detroit area has a mini bike frame for sale, wanting to build one from the ground up so just looking for the frame only. Looking for one in the style of the Coleman CT200U-EX.


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Ditto on Failbook Marketplace. Seems that is where the sellers all migrated to after abandoning craigslist (for the most part).

Also check craigslist and the craigslist competitors which some people will use because they hate everything else.
Can't think of any others.

Also widen your search terms to include things like:
Yerf-Dog 31700
Massimo MB200
Coleman BT 200X
Baja Warrior MB200

This trend in minibike design seems to follow the styling of a miniaturized 1991 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy