Mini Bike Lot for Sale in NY - Check it out!

Hey Folks, up for sale is a mini bike lot with some vintage frames, engines and parts. I have included a few pocket bike frames as parts to make space but trying to sell everything as a whole. For reference, I am located in Plainview 11803 and I crossposted this to Facebook and Craigslist. I am negotiable, there is a lot here but if we can work together we can figure it out. Please see the list and pictures below. I have a baby girl on the way in January 2024 and need to make some space naturally as what used to be storage for my special toys will become a bedroom. Thanks for reading in advance!

ASKING $2,000 OBO for everything shown below - please message me privately and I am happy to work something out for the right person to come take everything.

69 Sears with restored Tecumseh engine H35 and clutch brake - this bike runs
Blue trailhorse mini bike frame with front fork decal and fenders
Champagne Alexander reynolds frame with front fork decal
Red vintage Azusa(Possibly different model) frame with Tecumseh engine H35
Blue X7 pocket bike with 212 steel plate welded on for a 212cc and fairings
Silver x22 pocket bike with engine and fairings
1 10” pocket bike rear wheel
1 12” pocket bike front wheel
2 6.5” pocket bike front wheel
1 6.5” pocket bike rear wheel
1 8hp Briggs engine with slide carb
1 5hp H35 Tecumseh engine

Mini Bike Lot - Front View.png Blue Trailhorse Frame and Fenders.png Champagne Arco Frame and Seat.png Sears 69 Front.png Sears 69 Engine side.jpg Sears 69 Clutch Side.jpg Sears 69 Carb and Exhaust side View.jpeg Sears 69 Rear View.jpeg Red Azusa.png Pocket Bike Frames.png Engines wheels parts.png