Montgomery Wards T777

What are my chances of restoring this? My childhood minibike. Needs new engine and probably axels, brakes. Any info IMG_5880.JPG IMG_5884.JPG to get me started would be appreciated. Not even sure if suitable replacement parts can be found.
I'm jealous :drool:

Like said these are mostly lawn mower parts. The only hard to find parts are the clutch and chain guards (mini bike specific parts). If that is the original engine keep the flywheel and related parts off it that run the headlight. Those parts can be like gold.


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welcome aboard!
most of us have started with worse looking pieces of...minibike, before! That is a solid foundation! Have fun!
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Thanks for the info and encouragement. She has sat right there for 30 years. The carb has been off the whole time so I expect that was not healthy for the motor. The original seat is also in a corner of the garage and is like new. One foot skew is broke off courtesy of a wipe-out.. I paid $150 for it in the early 80's. Chain broke often and it would backfire and snap the pull-starter causing arguments between me and my father who figured I was abusing it. Seeing it in a restored state would be a nice homage to him.
So I'm figuring this is a rare bike, did not realize there were others that knew they existed. If I do not make progress on it by spring I will likely think about selling to good home.
Beautiful thing about the interwebz, makes it much easier to find the rest of the nutcases that share your interests. Sometimes makes finding those weird parts a bit easier.

Ugly thing about it is those parts and projects you used to pick up for nothing people think they are made of gold because some clown asks 100 times it worth on fleabay (even though it's been relisted dozens of times and still aint selling). Few years ago old stuff was junk, now its all hidden gem barn find antiques.