my son and my build

so my son and i picked up a mini bike frame and engine from a friend of mine. was missing some things, but nothing we couldnt handle.
first thing was to strip everything off and send it out for sandblasting. while that was happening we worked on getting the engine running. main problem with that was no carb. we did notice our snowblower had the same engine but with an electric start. wife wasnt happy we had two things apart in the garage. but we got the engine running pretty good. and we got the frame back from sandblasting and fit the seat and handlebars. yes the handlebars are off a 67 stingray, i had them laying around.
we repainted the engine and sent the frame to a friend for some paint. we stuck with the purple color so we will see how it turns out. need to get some more pics of the engine and the frame when we get them done.
You are literally "making" his childhood. My son was 13 when we built our Lil Indians, now he's 27, a Firefighter in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To this day he says his best childhood memories were minibike night rides in Hawaii.:thumbsup:
we painted the engine white. took a bunch of pics of it and my phone died and lost them all. the old tecumseh engine worked great for about a week and then just stopped wanting to run. was getting gas and spark and would pop once or twice but wouldnt start, so i broke down and bought a 212 predator engine and put it in. as soon as i get a new phone ill get some pics up. just need to do a few things to it yet and it will be all done.
got some pics of it, the son and i had it up to 29mph, he was laughing the whole time he was riding it. what a great time building it with my son. we could be fighting about something, hes 14 and think he knows everything, but would get in the garage and start working on it and all that would go right out the window. the next things that we are going to do is put an under the seat header and air filter on it, maybe jet the carb. will save that stuff for the winter so we have something to do. made a makeshift chain/clutch guard from a stainless steel chimney vent, its just screwed together and ran some black tape over the sharp edges.


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Nice job on the chain guard. Better to be safe than sorry. Time for you and the son to build one for dad. Then you guys can terrorize the neighborhood together. :scooter::scooter:
I don't know how I missed this build up till now, but just read thru it and it looks great.
Nothing is more enjoyable than building these bikes with your son.....
Nice ride and enjoy......:thumbsup: