Need help deciding which colors collide

So basically i have that 1970 taco 22 as shown here
and what im gonna do since i dont have the cash lately to go the restore route (i will eventually) for now im just gonna get the frame purple (so at least looks original) and then im gonna get a taco seat made (for 70).
What im gonna do since the wheels arent original (ill buy original wheels when as i get more money), is to just strip the paint and rust off these ones and paint them a metallic color.

So basically i need someone to help me decide a good metallic color to go with the purple frame. like blue or green. I just suck at determining what would look good with the purple frame. Or i guess i could just paint them a solid color and not metallic. But i need something that goes with the purple frame

Any suggestions could help.

And i will eventually completely originalize this bike. just over time i will replace exhisting parts on the bike, with original parts, including an original engine (if i can find).
Silver, gunmetal gray, metallic black, a different shade of metallic purple or even gold wouldn't clash (but the gold might look gaudy). Nice score on that bike by the way!