New member - Gemini Owner

G'day folks - just signed up on this site - am very excited to have found peolpe who actually know what a Gemini is and who own, have owned and restored these great little bikes. I bought mine - an SST 50 - for way too much a few months back - have spent many cold evenings in the shed stripping, cleaning and manufacturing bits and have finally got it going. Thanks to Minidoodle for a copy of the manual.

I have had much 'fun' getting the gear selector to work properly and have some way to go yet. It still gets stuck on the way up through the gearbox. Some phillistine had filed the teeth off and I'm slowly tweaking them after having them rebuilt.

I have a plan to build a new selector using the same basic design and a plan to build another completely different type which I have never seen on any other Hodaka type gearbox description. Anyone tried this or intereted?

I look forward to gleaning information from this site and sharing anything I learn which may be useful to others.

Phil, Taupo NZ