New sub-forum?


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Wow when did we get this? It doesn't show up on my phone with Tapatalk. Found it at work while not logged in and brousing for something. First Post!
Afraid to go there especially dealing with trike!!? So i guess whoever started this ought to help set criteria. 70 and back could sure limit posts now granted 3WW has more of the japan made - hondas,yamahas kawasaki they started mid to late 70's. Dont know much beyond that so you guys will have to input some reality. Just to throw out what i have. 78 commuter te380, ?? Tricart hustler and an82 honda 200e (for sale) What are we looking at as far as how far back they go
Vintage trikes

Ok. I'm sorry if i killed the thread or rambled on too much but find this very interesting. Myself i like the odd and unusual as most everybody has the big manufacturers or history behind them. You guys seem to know more about the few that didnt make headlines lets try to keep some of these alive and future enthusiasts informed. Thanks for listening( reading) my thoughts
I would guess that this would be for vintage non geared trikes like alsports,mtd's,snowco, tri cats, etc. Not honda, Yamaha's,Kawasaki, etc. Since this is a mini bike forum :001_tt2: