New to this mini bike thing. Just bought a Baja Warrior

Good morning all. Recently bought a camo Baja Warrior. I admit I am new to this mini bike thing but have always wanted one since I was a kid. Funny how even at 40 you still like to fulfill the things you wanted as a kid. So far on the mini bike I have adjusted the throttle stop screw and bypassed the governor. My first big project will be to install a torque converter. From reading online it should make a big difference. The torque converter I ordered on Amazon is a CNCShop Torque Converter Comet Clutch Go Kart clutch 0.75inch replace Comet Tav2 Manco (3/4" 10T 40/41 and 12T 35 chain). Any advice from lessons learned before I begin? Anyway, I look forward to asking some questions and talking with some of you. Thanks. Love2Hunt IMG_3662.JPG IMG_3661.JPG
Welcome to OldMiniBikes and the Mini Bike madness.

You can find dozens of tutorials here on OldMiniBikes about the TC. You need to use the search box at the top and also look in the Baja Mini Bikes section for Chinese bike help. You will find much more information there with other Chinese bike owners. Me included.

Search YouTube for install information on the TC.

I can tell you already that the TC you ordered probably wont fit.... The later Warrior's (MB200's, which yours is) had a tapered output on the crank. Maybe you will get lucky and the bike be old enough to have a straight output... Maybe....

Keep us posted on the progress.

If I were you I would turn the throttle stop screw back in. I am sure you have never seen the outcome when one of the cheap Chinese flywheels grenades right below you itty bitties...

People will tell you they run them all the time and they do but its a Tic, Tic, BOOM.... Waiting to happen.

Here ya go. This what they will do.

Welcome aboard , Doug is correct , removal of governor requires internal engine upgrades , Billet flywheel , connecting rod , etc. Be careful.