1. Sativalynn

    Massimo MB200

    Just got my first mini bike to play around with. Right after assembly (went through the manual and tightened everything. Oil changed and added gas) the bike was making sounds like potential metal on metal every now and then. Seemed to run alright tho (slow af and not what I was expecting after...
  2. S

    New and just need some help!

    Alright so I just made this account while sitting at work because googling just wasn’t getting me a solution. I purchased a Baja warrior used and pretty beat up in non running condition for $80. I emptied the gas tank and put new fuel and was running just fine. Then it sat for a couple years...
  3. H

    Coleman TAV Kit

    I've had a lot of requests for instructions and information on our TAV Kit for the Coleman Bikes, old style DB30's and others. I did this quickly on a bike that already had been TAV'd and when I get a another Hemi or do a crank swap on the other Coleman I have, a more complete write up will be...
  4. Chromed Front Forks Baja Warrior pic 2

    Chromed Front Forks Baja Warrior pic 2

    Chromed triple tree for Baja Warrior
  5. gran_pann

    Baja Warrior Build - Drag Race Build

    Good morning gentleman. I've got the tools and a little extra $$ right now to build up my baja warrior (the black one). Now I have three of these things, that I have built up for trail riding, and I Am wanting to build this to drag race a bit. And I have a deadline to meet October 8th. I...
  6. Z

    Baja Warrior with 11hp Honda

    Soooo I've picked up a Baja Warrior with this 11hp Honda on it. It has no chain, clutch, TQ or anything. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get it moving. I see that there are some TAV2's on Ebay that claim to be able to handle up to 11hp, but idk about that. That's one option. Another...
  7. N

    Warrior Tow Hitch

    Has anyone made/purchased any tow hitch brackets for the warrior. Looking to tow a small trailer in a parade and need some ideas or project pics. Thanks.
  8. electra_boogaloo

    post me to your warrior with a sportster tank thread???

    i got a tank off an 80-something sportster today. i've test fitted it and realized that it's very cramped. i'm trying to find a happy medium between the tree hitting the tank and being able to put the seat on. i was thinking about getting a spring seat kit, but now i may be forced into it. can...
  9. electra_boogaloo

    fender bending?

    so it's come time to mount the fenders on my franken-warrior. i have the original fenders. they're kind of beat up but still solid. i was originally going to cut the fender to make it look cooler but since i've been riding in the yard (and doggo poops) i've decided that instead of trimming the...
  10. L

    New to this mini bike thing. Just bought a Baja Warrior

    Good morning all. Recently bought a camo Baja Warrior. I admit I am new to this mini bike thing but have always wanted one since I was a kid. Funny how even at 40 you still like to fulfill the things you wanted as a kid. So far on the mini bike I have adjusted the throttle stop screw and...
  11. electra_boogaloo

    WANTED charging coil, flywheel, impeller from original baja warrior engine

    As stated, i need a complete charging system from a baja warrior engine. i need the charging coils, the flywheel with the magnets and the shorter finned impeller to go on my predator 212 engine. i'm trying to do the mod that's in the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-W0KM2FO_0
  12. noseoil

    Wanted - Baja warrior storage / tank

    Looking for one of the Baja Warrior fake tanks with the storage compartment. I will paint it to match my bike, so as long as it isn't too dinged or scuffed up it works for me. Let me know with private message, email, text or a phone call & we can talk about it. Thanks. tim noseoil@live.com...
  13. K

    Baja warrior jackshaft, like new, complete with gears & cover.

    I have a factory jackshaft for the baja warrior. The jackshaft is complete with the idler pulley, gears and cover. It is complete, bolt on and your ready to go. The condition is like new with about an hour of use. $55 plus shipping. I also have a used stripped jackshaft perfect to modify...

    Older model baja warrior ??? need help

    Hey y'all, I picked this up today. My guess is an older model baja warrior?

    Older model baja warrior ??? need help

    Hey y'all, I picked this up today. My guess is an older model baja warrior?
  16. K

    Baja warrior questions.

    It looks like there is something missing here. I am about to place a order with OldMiniBikes & wanted to order the missing parts. Thanks
  17. R

    Baja Warrior project

    Recently picked up the older Baja Warrior. Replaced tje stock 196cc engine with something a little hotter!.. I also want to give a shout out to member OND for the custom header. Thanks :thumbsup: https://youtu.be/sEflA-cHMOI
  18. Charles S

    New Falcon 200 (similar to Baja Warrior) $460 w/ free shipping

    Saw this and thought some members might be interested. 200cc Dirt Bike, with Automatic Transmission, and Recoil Start,Chain Drive!
  19. B

    baja warrior

    6.5 motor, tav 2, no other mods yet, can anyone recommend a functional chain tensioner that requires minimum or preferably no modifications?
  20. Z

    200 cc baja warrior to 270 cc with tav..

    I have a 200 cc baja warrior and I also have a 270 w/tav I was wanting to put in place of the 200cc. anybody done it??..