NOS- 1974 Tecumseh H35- In Original Box


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NOS 1974 Tecumseh H35 in the original box. This is a mini bike specific engine and has a 5/8 shaft...
Besides the engine itself being a perfect time capsule, the box also is in amazing condition.
The markings on the box that say H35 MB 5/8 are NOT hand written and appears to be an ink stamp, in 2 different locations on the box. All the paper work is present, tag with pre-starting instructions, mini bike engines owners manual with warranty...
You just don't find such a well preserved piece of mini bike history like this very often.....

$700.00 + shipping.....paypal only


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So you were the guy from NY who was the first caller. I was number two hoping you would back out:laugh: Nice find, i wish i would have woke up a little earlier. Good luck with the sale.


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I believe this was the transition year, where they went from tags to stamping on the top of the shroud-(round top)..
Yes, and like anything made during a production change, there was a pretty long overlap of new vs old.

The engine is awesome! I know I'm not supposed to comment, but I couldn't help myself