Oh no, Oh well


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Ive had a few run in's with the police that shook me up a little, simply because I dont want to lose my bike. Now, I simply ride offroad and short sprints to the park on warm nights and thats about it. Now, im a dirt junkie :). Its really fun sliding around corners on the El Tigre since it has a slick back tire, a scrub brake that locks up the tire on any surface, a 7hp Predator engine and 6:1 gearing :thumbsup:.
As a kid in Anaheim , California the cops really frowned on us kids and our mini's , this was in mid 70's , if they wanted to catch us , they had to work on it I can tell ya ! We had escape routes planned out all around our neighborhood and it was very seldom we'd get caught ! Now in South Louisiana the cops would never mess with a grown man doing about anything , luckily !


some cops are just dicks! the ones around my way just shake there head lol long as no one complains I don't see what the problem is , and besides there are a lot of other things one could be getting into they should be happy for that !