Pics of Willwood Brake Calipers on their minibikes?


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A Friend & I are interested in upgrading parts '
Anyone install a Willwood brake caliper setup on their (minibike)?
Bolt right on, or did you need a special brackets? show pics please
Both front & back would be sweet.
Are you talking about this one or another Hydraulic version????

If so, this is a common variant that is exactly like the Airheart/Tolomatic mechanical brake caliper.... And their mounting...
They are called spot caliper
Thanks Neo, pretty sweet setup. I like that it is fully adjustable, right/left mounting and what not.

Those are right in line with the MCP calipers used for karting, but look to be a bit more compact and can be used with a cable pull versus the hydraulic MCP fluid master cylinder.
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For a mechanical I don't think I would pay the extra for the wilwood name (and I'm a huge wilwood fan). For what we are doing with mini bikes IMHO the knockoffs are just as good, even better if you compare the prices.

I'm sure somebody will argue how they use better materials and the tolerances are machined to a thousandth but at the end of the day we are just riding mini bikes. On my race truck or street car yeah I would go for better.
Last year I had a brake problem with puck brake compound and the disc material I was using..... I called and the rep from Tolomatic said that all the airheart brand mechanical brakes are made by them under that name, also the Wilwood brakes are the same manufacture made by them aswell, just no embedded castings and painted w/logo of Wilwood....

As for the Wilwood caliper, they be sought at your local auto parts supplier, albeit a hefty up charge.
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well i got him the motovox hydro brakes from I think he'll forget about them willwood calipers for the moment. But' For Now he needs a jackshaft/torque a verter & a smaller rear sprocket. It's upsetting when the other guy fly's past you like you were a turtle.:shrug: