Question? Carb replacement on Baja Warrior/MB200/Heat

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Been following/reading along for a bit, but this is my first post. Bought my daughter a Black Warrior that appears to have never been ridden. Takes some work to start, but does eventually and will idle. Dies when you give it gas. I changed oil, cleaned filter, tightened chain, lubricated and removed and cleaned the carb. No improvement. For $20, I bought a new carb on eBay. All ready to install it, and am confused by the what I am looking at in terms of mating surfaces between the carb and the engine. See picture. From outside in, it was carb-metal spacer-green gasket-plastic-engine. Is this normal?

If it is, then there was no gasket between carb and this metal surface. Or, I am supposed to get to the green gasket and replace it? The metal plate won't budge, so not sure how to reach green gasket.

Also, kit came with three new gaskets. See picture. Do I have the right one?

Lastly, how are you guys inserting the filter on a stock tank setup? I just stuck it on where the existing line came off the carb and figured I would attach a short piece of extra hose to go from filter to carb. Is there a better way?

Any other suggestions are welcome.


image3.JPG image4.JPG
Second pic, top right.... gasket is between head and insulator plate ( plastic plate)
Bottom right...goes between insulator plate and carb.
Left side pic .. gasket goes between carb and air filter.
Thanks, OND. This is how I received it. I think PO had tried to correct problem and may have installed this way.

I have found the metal gasket to be nearly immovable. I been to gently pry at it, but am afraid to damage the plastic between it and the head. Any suggestions. Maybe some penetrant or heat? The metal gasket appears to have some rubber to it. Could it have melted to the head some? Does the head mating surface have any plastic to it?

Thanks again.
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Look try to pry it off carefully like Eric said . if you break the insulator or bend something . hit me with a pm and I will mail you a new one . I have this stuff in droves !!! Lol
Got it all apart. Only casualty was the plastic insulator, and gasket to head. New carb came with the three replacement gaskets, so good there. Will order a new insulator. The rubber/plastic molding on the metal gasket looks to be damaged in a few spots so will replace that as well.

Thanks again for the spot on guidance.