Quick video of Minis on the street ...

Had a huge car show in town this weekend. A few of us got the minis out and rode a mile or so in traffic.
We were passed by Local and County Police .. they didn't seem to mind tho after we parked we were asked to keep them off the road ... all in all it was AWESOME!!


*video fixed*
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We hoped the number of riders would be bigger but it had rained ALOT earlier in the day and a few begged off ...

This was also the maiden voyage of the Hilltopper twins hitting the streets legally as mopeds, we rode them the 5 miles to the car show, cruised around and rode them home.

Here's a pic of part of the group ... as always my lovely wife was in attendance.

After the ride shown on video we parked .. a local officer came by and was checking out the bikes ... he asked that we keep the non-registered ones off the public streets ... exactly what we expected ...

Line them up!

Being a huge car show you would think we would have taken more pics ... we are simply now that smart!

Here is a local news video about the event ... not a very good one ...
12th annual 28th Street Metro Cruise kick off | WZZM13.com

1500 to 1600 cars were expected ...
Here's a pic of my wife Deb on her Hilltopper ...
Deb Metro.jpg

Here is one of me on my Hilltopper ... my childhood mini biking friend Mike is in the foreground on his Honda Clone ...
Me Metro.jpg

This is my Brother Tom "on the right" .. (beekeeper on this site) riding his Pac-Mule he drove to Iowa to get ..
Tom Metro.jpg