Race ready honda clone, 308 cam, flat top piston, big valve, billet flywheel+rod+more


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308 cam
new honda flat top piston
file fit rings
arc flywheel
8mm plug wire
champion rockers
chr push rods
raceseng guide plate
28.5mm int 25mm exh valves
head milled approx .030
.010 head gasket
grade 8 head bolts
walbro fuel pump
E3 sparkplug

450$ OBO

i'll split shipping costs. Generally from 50-80$.

I do not recommend pull starting this engine because the compression might pull out your shoulder no joke.. Electric go kart starter recommended. Approximately 10 hours on this engine, it's too fast for my application would be great for a drag mini bike. Built by 125cc crazy great built engine.

Note** only problem is one of the exhaust studs are slightly stripped a pair of new exhaust studs cost a few dollars.

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