Ruttman Spyder Originality Questions (~1977)

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New here. I'm an amateur, beginning to restore a Ruttman Spyder with my grandson. I believe it to be very original. Serial number is 35313. The white Tecumseh HS50 serial number points to a build date in May, 1977. Bike is a long-frame, in black; 4-spoke 6" Ruttman alloy wheels; seat is all black, but with the same piping as I see on the black/white ones.

I have a few questions for the experts:
1) Is it normal for the bike to lean quite far on the kickstand? Tires are 4.10/3.50x6 front and rear. From what I read on this forum, there were only 2 lengths of kickstand on Ruttmans (is that true?), and this is definitely not the short 2-and-something inch version.
2) Was the frame available in any other color (besides black) in 1977?
3) It has a round "Ruttman Uglys" sticker on the chain/clutch guard. Would that be correct for the year? Did the factory put those on? Or would it have had a circular "Ruttman Cycle Dearborn Hts., Mich." decal? Or a rectangular "RUTTMAN MINI-BIKES" decal? I see all of these on eBay.
4) Any recommendations for white paint for the Tecumseh? VH1? And the plastic tank? I do have a blast cabinet and paint gun.

Thanks very much!
Mark in Virginia

PS. I know the rear fender isn't original.
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That sure doesn’t look very far gone. I’d clean that old girl good and run it. Sweaty vintage is way cooler than shiny fancy vintage.
Those kind of all original finds like that make the best restorations for obvious reasons. Unrestored don't end up in my house, they get "pretty" first. I know, to each his own....just say'n.