"Sears Drover Colors" What years had what colors?

Hey Everyone,

I recently purchased a sears drover (dont worry pictures coming soon, i know, i know :wink:) Anyways, I'm new to the mini bike scene and I got bite by the bug bad. (same way with aircooled vws). I noticed reading through this great forum/website that sears drovers came in different colors. SoooOOOoo, I wondering what year had what color. I can see under the repaint on my bike that its an orange.

TIA, Lyle
Click "photos" above.

Go down to "sears" and click.

Look at brochures.

If you want actual paint codes, that's another story...
Well now I have another question. What engine came on these bikes? Looks like some had a B&S or tecumseh. My came with a HF predator 212cc. Just trying to figure out what year it is and what engine originally came on it. Thanks again to this great forum.:bowdown::bowdown: