smudvapor's - 1971 Coleman Sport Bike - (Vintage Class)

Well guys, it’s like this. Last year I attempted to build a Coleman Sport Bike and I didn’t quite finish in time. The more I looked at that bike the more I wished I had another one for my wife. Well as luck would have it I bought another one a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t going to enter because I wasn’t sure that I would have the time or money to complete it in the time frame allowed. I started thinking about it today and I realized that it would be a real bummer to restore the bike and not at least attempt to do it during the Build-Off. I can’t promise that it will be finished in time but I am going to give it my best shot.
My entry this year is a 1971 Coleman Sport Bike. In honor of last year’s attempt I am going to call her “Déjà vu”.

Daniel Coop

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What a great find! A street legal mini bike! You can register those in most states, but parts are rare and hard to find. I have one myself, but it's been butchered of it's original engine and mounts and had a plate welded in at some point. I would like to put a 125-150cc Lifan 4spd eventually, but I understand that I will have to stretch the frame a few inches to make it fit. Good luck with your build, and I wish I had you for a shop teacher when I was a kid.
Just a quick update. I was putting my money together to start buying parts and ran across another one. (Attex model) so I drove 10 hour round trip and picked it up on Saturday. I will begin tearing my build-off bike apart this week. (I hope)
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Okay gents, I started on her tonight! Got her all torn down and ready to be stripped. Sending the parts to be rechromed on Monday. I think the excitement my students have been showing towards the build-off project at school rubbed off on me. :thumbsup:

DSC01038.JPG DSC01039.JPG DSC01040.JPG DSC01041.JPG DSC01042.JPG
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I really didn't think you'd let the kids get ahead of you! That's going to be a cool little bike. There's one for sale in my neck of the woods in about the same shape....hmmmm.:laugh:
Just want to give a quick update. Still waiting on the chrome to come back. The rest of the parts have to get sandblasted but my students bikes are in front. More to come.