Sorta new MB200 owner

I've actually had the mini for a year, it's the older "Trailmaster Monster Dog II". Basically it's an MB200 with the front and rear shocks and a torque converter. Anyway, mods so far include:

1. Pleated air filter.
2. New header and muffler, and dig the repurposed muffler guard I took off the old one!
3. Larger fenders.
4. Replaced the footpegs with pegs I made from 3/4 inch stainless steel bolts.
5. Put a Honda tank on it (G50???).
6. Wrapped the header pipe. If you look at the two pics, the first one in the sun is just after I wrapped the pipe, the one in the woods is literally 20 minutes later. So much for the cool red color lol.
7. Changed jet to 0.034.
8. Tied an old sock to the luggage rack.

Even though the governor is still hooked up, I've clocked it at 37.4 mph, and I probably could have gone a little faster but I just didn't feel too safe, it's a mini bike after all, and I didn't build it from scratch, so my trust level is none too high.

The thing that gets me the most is how much room there is between the engine and frame. Hmmm... nah, an 8hp Predator would only get me in trouble.

I'd like to add an electric start and maybe a speedo somewhere down the line, but kinda busy right now.


MB200 1.JPG
MB200 2.JPG

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Welcome to OldMiniBikes. The Minibike madness will reel you in... Deeper and deeper....

The 420cc Predator still leaves a little space too.....

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