1. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster mb200

    I have a trailmaster mb200 I posted something on here earlier got one response so I'm going to put everything on this response my bike hesitates and it seems to make a whistling sound and it hesitates like lacks power I noticed that the chain is loose so I know that's one possibility but the...
  2. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster mb 200

    My trailmaster mb200 jerks sometimes what could it be or sound like thanks
  3. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster MB200 spacer issue

    I recently changed my tire now that I got my new tire on I'm having problems getting the spacer back on took my chain cover off but I cannot figure out how to get the wheel spacer the sprocket side on it's a tight fit anyone help me or give me a better idea?
  4. Jblack0884

    TrailMaster MB200-2

    Got a new bike it's been rode maybe a total maybe 8 or 9 hours now after riding it for maybe a few hours it will die while riding just out of nowhere it will turn off I'll hit the choke acts like it wants to go turn the choke down off hit the throttle it dies out again this issue is frustrating...
  5. Sativalynn

    Clutch chain

    Trying to remove the chain. On my mb200 to swap out the clutch but the chain has no master link? Any suggestions?
  6. Sativalynn

    Massimo MB200

    Just got my first mini bike to play around with. Right after assembly (went through the manual and tightened everything. Oil changed and added gas) the bike was making sounds like potential metal on metal every now and then. Seemed to run alright tho (slow af and not what I was expecting after...
  7. MB200.mp4


    MB200 196cc OHV Engine
  8. H

    Coleman TAV Kit

    I've had a lot of requests for instructions and information on our TAV Kit for the Coleman Bikes, old style DB30's and others. I did this quickly on a bike that already had been TAV'd and when I get a another Hemi or do a crank swap on the other Coleman I have, a more complete write up will be...

    Appearently the MB200 Lives again

    Saw this on Facebook. My quarterly visit.... 2017 Massimo Motor MB200 Mini Bike for sale in Greenville, KY | Country Roads Auto Sales and Powersports (270) 338-2732
  10. A

    Sorta new MB200 owner

    I've actually had the mini for a year, it's the older "Trailmaster Monster Dog II". Basically it's an MB200 with the front and rear shocks and a torque converter. Anyway, mods so far include: 1. Pleated air filter. 2. New header and muffler, and dig the repurposed muffler guard I took off the...
  11. Harquebus

    Baja MB200/ MB165/Warrior Fenders

    Need a set of fenders, front and rear for this thing that followed me home.
  12. D

    Reliable torque converter for Baja MB200 GC

    I would call my project a Frankenstien or Zombie Baja MB200 GC. After 2 quarts of mineral spirits and a week of cleaning off an adolescent paint job I have a very pristine and like new Baja MB200 rolling chassis. The tires of which still have full whiskers on them. The original engine has...
  13. A

    Bonanza MB200

    I'm "restoring" this Bonanza for my daughter to ride. Its an MB200 as far as I can tell, Her name is Scout so I thought it was fitting. Here is a few pictures of the progress to date. I found a couple of bad welds after wire wheeling so I got those welded up and primed it. I'll keep you guys...
  14. markus

    bearing numbers MB200 jackshaft?

    Anyone know what the replacement bearings numbers would be for the Jackshaft assembly on an MB200 are? It shows them in the parts breakdown but does not list them as avialable, only the complete unit. Working on one of these for neighbor, I can see a shield has been compromised on a bearing on...
  15. B

    Coleman ct200u and Baja mb200 share the same jackshaft?

    Looking for a new jackshaft for my ct200u and it looks like the Baja mb200 jackshaft is the. Same. Can anyone confirm this. Thanks
  16. 21Actual

    Steer Bearings Baja MB200

    Hello everyone. Im in the process of overhauling a used Baja Warrior MB200 I picked up. The steer bearings are totally shot, the upper was actually broken. I cant seem to find replacement bearings for this anywhere. Can somebody point me in the right direction. Keep in mind I need...
  17. K

    Baja MB200 shock absorber Dust Covers

    Hi! I am on my 4th and 5th Rebuild I was lucky in my first 2 rebuilds I did not need to replace (just the inside seals) . I am in dire need of the the hard rubber dust covers that slips on the lower shock absorbers. Anyone know where I can get these? I have ordered 3 sets online...
  18. Magnetman

    New to OldMiniBikes

    Hello gang, It's great to see a group that likes to keep mini bikes alive and in so many forms. I like to find them and give them life again, the smiles on my neighbors faces are worth all the work. I've rebuilt several Baja Warrior MB165 and MB200 bikes along with a Manco...
  19. My bikes

    My bikes

    A few of my bikes, find them, rebuild them, enjoy them, sell them
  20. My bikes

    My bikes

    A few of my bikes, find them, rebuild them, enjoy them, sell them