sst gemini 80

Hello all. I am working on a sst 80 gemini and was wondering if any one knows if any parts are still around for these? I need the rubber boots to the intake side cover and air filter.Also looking for exhaust and few small items. Thanks. Darren
Gemini 80

I too used to ride a "Gemini 80" ! I might be able to help? Can you send some pictures? I would be very interested in buying it , if it becomes for sale? Bill W.
I had sst gemini 50, It was very hard to find parts for but ebay did have a few floating around on. The best place is sites like this..... Or u could do what i did and make it custom....Good Luck!!:thumbsup:

Here's mine
The Gemini engine is a yamaha clone.Search ebay for yamaha yg1 parts.There are 5 or 6 other models too that you can search under but they escape me right now.
I have some SST 80 parts laying around, but not the rubber air boot. You'll pay a lot for that. I've found some Yamaha boots that were close, but not correct. You can also search YF1 and YJ1. Let me know what else you're looking for, I might have it.

Here's a contact for some NOS stuff. I've bought a few parts from Jason.

13720 Desmond St.
Pacoima, CA 91331
I have a Gemini SST 80 too. I just turned 400 miles, but it shows age on the boot too. The quality of them was not like a Yamaha, but is sure is a fun bike to ride!