Street Legal BGW TriRod in Ohio

it doesn't say anything about a title. Without that that price is way too high.
I have to agree ! I'd say he's about 2 times a fair price on this. If he had it running down the road with a title ,,just needing cosmetics he could get that. ( again IMO )

Anyone else notice how closely these resemble the Alsport RTS-SL ? Body looks like it was made from a slightly modified mold of the Alsports. Makes ya wonder if Alsport was helping/supplying items to BGW ? After all they were only "down the road" from each other.
I have one but rougher shape. No title either. Mine was the only one I'd seen until now. Had a member on here tell me they made like 12 of the street legal models, only sold a few and then gave others to workers. Here's a pic of mine.

And on the "American Restoration" comment, ... More like "American Ripoff" ....(egotistical pre-Madonna) hahaha
That doesn't look too rough...a good going over-some new parts & paint and you'll be under 15k lol
If they really only made 12 I must've see half their production ! These have popped up for sale here in Ohio before....butttt it's also where they were made :001_huh:
Have had 3 of these. John Plessinger, the guy whom patened the first 3 wheeler, designed the body. These have an incredible ride. They were street legal, kohler 340s, and have a great body to work with.