Tachometer question

Does anyone know if the gx200/clone engine fires it's spark plug on the exhaust stroke(so it would make a standard tachometer read double the actual RPM)?


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Yeah 2 sparks, but if the tach is for a 4 stroke is only reads every other spark. Some tachs can work with either 2 stroke or 4 stroke.
If you go to a marine dealer that sells 2 strokes and ask if they have any tachs for monitoring small motors ect they may have something for you.

I have a tach on my mini that uses induction of the spark plug lead. Its just a little battery opperated LCD unit that was designed for guys to monitor the engine while trolling but it works just fine up to 4700 RPM where I run now and higher although I don't know what the error on it is.

Here's one On Ebay.
Tiny Tach Hour Meter & Tachometer Model TT226NR-2C - eBay (item 110383162544 end time Oct-25-09 08:03:51 PDT)
mine doesn't have the hour meter function