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  3. gwoods27

    Speedometer/Tachometer solution

    Anyone have a Speedometer/Tachometer solution for minibikes that they've implemented? Ive got some motors that have the governors removed and though it would be a good idea to atlease install a Tachometer to know when im reaching the RPM threshold (besides the usual way of finding out :rolleyes:)
  4. O

    Analog tachometer for Tecumseh or any small engine?

    Hello! I have found many digital tachometers to fit my minibike, one wire going to ground, the other to the ignition wire, but I would like to figure out how to add an analog one so it looks a bit nicer. Anyone have any insight? Im a bit of a noob but its going on a baja doodlebug with a...
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    Tachometer with build in digital speedometer. Incl sensor.
  6. buckeye


    I think I need a tac for my own safety and enjoyment. I have been looking at those digital hour/rpm ones on ebay. Around 13 bucks or so. Am I throwing money up in the air and wasting my money on these things? Seems like all I really need. I just want to watch my rpms. Thanks for...
  7. F


    Hey guys what tachometer do yall use? I have one now but its a peice of crap. The readings are all wrong.
  8. Bruceo


    Who makes a good tach that will work on my 390 Honda? I'd rather a round old school one over the digital one but if thats what works best,then digital it is.Thanks.
  9. thibault116

    6.5 hp Honda clone tachometer

    Hi i was just wondering if any one knows a way how i can hook up a tachometer to my Honda clone it does not have a battery. so im not sure how im going to do it yet.
  10. proturbo

    Tachometer and Hour Meter

    I bought a new Tachometer and Hour Meter,I was woundering to set the tacometer (spark plug firing revolution) There are 3 settings ,which one do I set it on for reading my RPM 1)-spark plug fires twice per revolution 2)-once perrevolution 3)-every other revolution:doah:
  11. gsxrbrad78

    I need a Tachometer

    So, I'm trying to find a Tach for my 5 hp Briggs and don't seem to be having any luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some advise as to what they've done to solve this problem?
  12. DMR


    I need one for my Flathead and would like to use a Jr. Dragster one from Jegs but they use a 12v external power source, anyone know how I could rig up a battery to use one? Also, does this kind of tach sense the RPM by using a washer-probe that replaces the spark plug washer? Any help is...
  13. D


    I have a Baja Mini with a modified engine but everything else is stock...Can i hook a tach to the existing headlight wiring cause the headlight works off the speed of the engine? or how can i hook a simple tachometer up to it? Thanks P.S. Are there street tires that will fit this...
  14. Rawtone

    analog tach for Briggs or Techumseh

    Anyone out in OldMiniBikes land have any info on a analog tach that I can use on my bike? and the best way to wire it up? Thanks
  15. M

    Tachometer question

    Does anyone know if the gx200/clone engine fires it's spark plug on the exhaust stroke(so it would make a standard tachometer read double the actual RPM)?