Tecumseh Carb Number Stamping Guide

Below is a link to a decoding guide for the numbers stamped in the Tecumseh carb bodies. It can be used to cross-reference the three or four digit stamped numbers to a six digit number. The six digit number can then be used to find carb repair parts and specific engine model applications for the carb, on any online parts fische.

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Tecumseh Carburetor Manufacturing Numbers
Tecumseh carb

The engine i have is hs40-55290c-ser 6335b the carb is stamped with 433 3f8 i need new car what tecumseh number matches this what carb number do i need thanks for any help


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If needed I have a Tecumseh manual for their engines and cabs, also a cross ref for the sears part number that's associated with it, just pm me for the info.
Thanks for the link! One question. On the date code, year month day. Any way to figure out if it is 65, 75, 85? Carb code is 113 5F6. I am thinking 1975....
Can't believe there are no posts beyond '13 about this, maybe another thread/same topic?? Anyway, how does one interpret the date portion of the code when it is alpha-numeric? F9F is what I'm dealing with...