1. james ackerman

    Wtb december 1969 mini bike buyers guide.

    Looking for this guide for the simple fact that it has some articles on ccs chargers. If you know of any other articles from other years or other magazines please let me know so I can add them to my charger information collection...
  2. james ackerman

    WTB - Mini Bike Guide issue from February 1971.

    I would like to find this issue or atleast be able to get a copy of an article that was done on a central cycle supply charger.
  3. scootercat

    Mini Bike Guide Mag

    SEPTEMBER 1969 COVER LOOSE $40.00 USPS PayPal....
  4. C

    WTB- Crankshaft Drill & Tap Guide

    3/4 version. Purchase or rent as I will never use it after this engine.
  5. piglet

    Crankshaft drill and tap guide

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has one to sell or knows where to buy one. OldMiniBikes warehouse no longer has them and I have a project on hold till I get one. Any help would awesome thanks.
  6. O

    Wanted : copy of tweaking the tek parts 1 & 2 from minibike guide magazine circa 1971

    Looking for copies of tweaking the tek published in Mini bike guide magazine circa 1971. Scan and email OK. Will trade for beer money.
  7. Ajf

    Mini bike guide oct 71

    Hello, I want to buy an October 71 mini bike guide or need copy of an article. I will pay a premium.
  8. Dr. Shop Teacher

    TECH: Briggs Carb Troubleshooting Guide

    This is a good service reference for troubleshooting pre-emission and emission-compliant carbs (covers OHV). Hits the variants of Briggs tank-mounted carbs and float-bowl type carbs. Useful for any brand engine...
  9. cattailhaas

    cat chain guide

    Has anyone ever seen a chain guide like this on a cat ? This one came on my 74 slingshot. It has the same bolt pattern as the regular guides and a 3/4 bearing inside the delrin/ nylon roller. The aluminum bracket is a machined/ extruded piece that leaves me to believe it may be factory ?
  10. 125ccCrazy

    Looking for part number(s) for H50-H70 valve guide

    Anyone have a part number for Tec valve guides for BB h50, h60 or h70? I can't find any parts break downs showing them.. They are removeable so I would assume Tecumseh made replacement parts at one time..
  11. MiniDan99

    Valve guide (exhaust) seems loose HSSK50-67394S 5hp

    I'm on a small tablet so its hard to search these things so I'm hoping someone knows off-hand. I removed this engine from my snowblower because I thought the head gasket was gone, but seems to be the absence of any valve lash (exhaust valve only)..which i think i can handle...
  12. Fisher1983

    5hp factory valve guide...pressed in?

    Working on the old 5hp I noticed a ridged circle in the floor of the exhaust this a pressed in valve guide? The intake doesnt have this. Im hoping its pressed in so that I can replace it myself. Its the 1 inch crank chipper engine, model 130212.
  13. W

    Briggs Valve Guide Kit

    I need to repair the valve guides on a 5hp briggs flathead but I have never repaired valve guides before and do not have the tooling. It looks like there are several options out there. The most expensive and easiest looking to use is the EZ bore kit. I found it here: Valve Guide...
  14. Ajf

    April '71 mini bike guide magazine

    Looking for the April of 1971 mini bike guide magazine. I have cash or trade. Would also be interested in good copies of the speedway silver shadow article.
  15. Sport King Eric

    WTB Heathkit Boonie Bike Assembly Guide

    I know its a long shot But I would like to find a assembly guide for a heathkit boonie bike Pm if you have one to sell..
  16. misfit

    Polished Tecumseh H-50 BB

    I guess its time to post this, I wasnt going to, but decided others might enjoy seeing it. Its the first time Ive done a complete flathead build so there was lots to learn. I traded some cyl head, crank, and clutch machine work for a 68 Bonanza roller and 2 Tec H50s...Thanks Randi! This engine...
  17. B

    Retainer To Guide Interference

    About what is the max lift that most clones start to experience interference between the spring retainer and the valve guide?
  18. apekillman

    Predator stage 1 install video or instruction guide???

    Just got back from vacation with a present from ombw waiting for me. I bought the non hemi stage 1 kit. I'm not the most mechanically inclined guy and was hoping the "kit" came with some instructions or step by step guide. Boy, was I naive. Can anyone lead me to a video or online...
  19. ole4

    HS40 HS50 worn valve guides

    For my rupp continental project I am thinking of building a tecumseh hs50 painted white to make it resemble the original engines used in the 67 continental electra. My problem now is the motor I am about to rebuild was ridden hard and put away wet. I am currently trying to decide what to do if...
  20. B

    valve train upgrade

    hi guys whats the hot setup for cam upgrade black mamba sounds popular but i seen Isky alot too got a hemi motor but havent pulled the head(or even the spark plug lol)so not sure if i have a dished piston(should i change to a flattop piston) where is the best source for all these parts cam...