The frist mini byce to have a license in Alberta

About 1960 I needed a byce to get home from my work up to three miles for meals .They were selling Wren minis at the time but we didn't have a dealer so I decided to make one .It looked almost like a Wren .4"x8" tires, Briggs and Stratton 3.5 hp , centrifugal clutch ,belt drive .It would go over 25 miles an hour .It had brakes and lights .I road it so much that I decided to get a License for it . So in registering I called it a PONY . Paid $5 and went back riding .Two months later I got a letter from the Government asking why I called it a PONY I though here comes the BS now,so I wrote back like a little kid would ." a little horse is a pony .this is a little byce Soo I called it l PONY .It was two months later that I got another letter WHO is the manufacture ? Where was it imported from ? What was the seial number ?Color, plus another 20 questions. I wrote back in big letters" I MADE IT MY SELF". I think they though I was a 10 year old kid . They sent me another letter that anything under 22 inches could not be license for the road .I still have this byce and am very proud that it set the standard for the mini byces in AB and sitll runs ,over 50 years later