This will be my new street legal project



IMG_0971[1].JPG I picked this yamaha ysr yesterday with a clean ny title. It has a 1980 something yz80 engine in it.I think it might be a 1987 or 88. The bike is a 1987 first year they made it. I also have a 1988 ysr that I have on the road and drive from time2time.I also added a picture of a 1989 ysr that I have and can use as a parts bike.Things are still up in the air as to what am going to build.It will not be over night but I will try my best to keep the project logged as i know people would like to see.: ) IMG_0974[1].JPG Also If any one is into these bikes or would like to share stories about them i would enjoy hearing from you all ! Thanks OldMiniBikes and all the members....cheers