Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)


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Excellent and good luck.
Almost looks all original.
Check your numbers on the engine shroud and that may help you date the bike.


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Wow another Trail Horse! It's great to see the girls aboard on the build teem.:thumbsup:
Have fun! Your very fortunate to to have such
A great teacher.
Hey I`m Kila from the team Trail Blazers. I`m here to update you. First, we are taking are bike apart we got most the parts off but we are still working on it. If you have any things that you would like to tell us to help us out that would be great. One more thing, do you guys know what our paint code is? Thanks for being here for us I will make sure to keep you guys updated, if it wasn't for you we would not be were we are now thank you again bye :scooter:

DSC01044.JPG DSC01043.JPG DSC01047.JPG DSC01049.JPG


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Only suggestion I could contribute would be to document meticulously every step you take.
You think you will remember how it goes back together but, some goofy little thing catches you.
Good work y'all.
Hey it`s Kila from the team Trailblazers. I`m going to update you on what we are doing right now. Me and my team mates are looking at all o the parts to our bike and seeing what parts we need. If you got any information to help us out that would mean a lot to us.
thank you guys for being here for us. It mean a lot. :thumbsup: