Very Rare Rupp Enduro Project

names jay new to the sight and looking for info on the rare rupp enduro i got a chrysler motor with it but was curious, i wanna build because its cool but limited knowledge or may sell and get more adequate cart for my daughter to race and learn to fly around in any help please let me know and appriciate any and all info. ICheersm afraid upgrades etc hurt the originality etc and dont wanna get into a kart got to replace cheers OFFERS and info thabks Jay


That is a very nice survivor! Yes, very rare and valuable. I would restore to original like you are thinking. I don't have detailed info for you tho. What exactly are you looking for?
I doubt there are any kart tracks that would allow a dinosaur that old on their track.
The kart tracks here in Indy claim a ten year limit on karts
Turn it into a hybrid yard kart, your little girl will have a blast.
Take the side tanks off and sell them she won't need to carry that much fuel.
Rupp Mean Machine, 1968-69 era. Restore it to it's original race condition. Those karts were a very winning combination with a set of B-Bombs on them. Do not strip it out or make it a play kart, it has a lot of value to the right person. Some tracks do allow the vintage enduro karts to run in their series. Check the VKA forum and the VKA Facebook site. That kart looks to be very complete less the upholstery.


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Listen to Louie! He has forgotten more about vintage karts than the rest of us will ever know! Restore it and keep it nice. Go to the vintage karting site for useful info! There are plenty of tracks with nostalgia races!
Nice score!
WOW EXCUSE ME... I confused this site for a forum... An exchange of thoughts, ideas and opinions.
None are the perfect thought, idea or opinion but the poster of this thread I assume wanted several different opinions.
What I told him was a cheap option, you must admit buying a single Briggs or predator engine would be cheaper than hunting down and shipping a pair of matched vintage mc 90's to his home.
Which by the way I found a pair of twin mc 90's on ebay two years ago for my Rupp chaparral enduro.
The dude wanted $3500 plus shipping so I believe my decision to turn mine into a hybrid go kart was right for me and my children.
I still have the kart plus many, many happy memories of riding with my children.
But than you who ever said he's fishing may be correct and the thread has nothing to do with his daughter.
I'm all for getting kids into karting in any way.My son and I both did it for 6 years starting when he was five.
Just saying there are better(and cheaper ways) to get into racing and/or a yard kart.
That one is just way to nice to change,needs to be just cleaned up.
Hell I still got a decent birel and a nice yard kart i'd trade him for that rupp.
And many times I took our old dinosaurs to our track just to run during practice or after the races.

Well ive come to the conclusion tht the mc 90s will be outta my budget so if anyone is interested in this kart 68 69 rupp enduro has the og turbine wheels etc make offer cash i have not shipped anything as big as this but im sure it could be done or local pickup.
Still sitting here havent did anything to it turbine rupp wheels all away around let me know asap questions send messege ill ring uni can get more pics txt messege or email would like it to go to good home. My daughter has been in the comfort of the newer carts at uncer racing just a dinasaur to her.
Post those photos on the VKA or VKCA face book page ask $1200 dont sell for less than $800 have them pick up buy a nice modern kart and run it on a local track

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Hey, I know you... Lol! This is my dog from the Mile High city. S'up Jay? I know Jay ain't restoring that kart, not really his forte. But, he's down to sell and that thing is freaking clean, so anyone interested should jump on it. Jay's a solid dude
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Way back in 1973 I had a Rupp Simi Laydown kart in my shop it came to me with a pair of McCulloch 101 A engines set up with dual carbs and used Alcohol . This cart had dual front and rear brakes and big rear slicks. I only road it once my store was right next to the San Diageo freeway in Long Beach, California. My shop was at one time a lumber yard but that was not big enough for this super fast kart. So out the front gate I went down onto the freeway ( It was about 1:00 AM ) This was a transition road to get on the freeway or go off at the next street witch was Cherry Ave. I went by the bar to the next right turn and headed back to the shop but I zipped by a Police car and it took a second or two but the lights and siren came on but I made to the shop before the cops figured out where I went. My brother in Law Danny pulled down the shop door and I slid into the back wall. We stayed inside the shop for about 30 minuets with the lights out. That Rupp was an easy sell and we did make money on it. I was a bit wilder back then but that Rupp was a thrill to see and hear.