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I used the pic of Jimmy and Jeff as sort of a Xmas card to some of my music friends this year. Wonderful shot! Unfortunately, I guess it's also a farewell card now for Jeff.

Amazing and unique talent. Can't really say anyone even attempted to copy his style. Other than us as grade school kids, diligently practicing Beck's Bolero over and over. lol

As far as rock stars go, he was one of the more health oriented ones - vegetarian, didn't seem to do drugs. Or much alcohol even, so his passing was a shock. Any form of meningitis is serious though, with bacterial meningitis the most dangerous. I wonder if they'll figure out how he caught it?

From the same show as Mr. Pink's link - Nadia. It's hard to think of anyone else able to turn a Strat into sounding like some Indian hybrid stringed instrument.

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