What bonanza model is this?

Most likely it was a Bonanza BC 1300. Hard to tell without an engine and tires.

Yes, it could have come with a Hodaka Ace 100 engine. Look at the BC 1300SH.
I would say the frame is a 68 because the motor plate is just a little above the frame tubes. Also from the pic is doesnt look like there are 4 tacs on the motor plate and then would make it a 1968. In 68 they did have a bc1300sh with a ace 100 and that bike could have lights with the welded bracket on the on the rear of the frame for the tail light. SO, the bike could be correct if you wanted to put a ace 100 on it but, i highly doubt thats how it came from the factory. FYI 1967 BC1300sh could have lights on it from the factory but none that i know of, havd a welded on bracket for the tail light ( like the one pictured) When lights were add to a ace 90 bike a special bracket was bolted to the rear of frame ( frame had to be drilled for this). I hope i didnt confuse people.
Yes the back of the motor plate is higher than the frame but the front is not. The front emblem had a 32326 serial number and raised lettering for the bonanza. If that helps