1. Tote Gote Find

    Tote Gote Find

    Tote Gote model B I bought 10/1/18. Has to steal offer up photos until I get a chance to take photos of my own.
  2. Tote Gote Find

    Tote Gote Find

    Tote Gote model B I bought 10/1/18. Has to steal offer up photos until I get a chance to take photos of my own.
  3. T

    What model Rupp??

    I just bought a Rupp that says Scrambler 2. The engine has H35 45348 serial 11380. It has no front fender and no head light. What is it???
  4. S

    What model and year is this Sportstyl

    I picked this Sportstyl mini bike up this week and I haven't been able to find one exactly like on the internet, I am sure someone on here knows all about it. So I would like to know the model and whats year it might be.
  5. flpmurphy

    Ruttman find what model

    Found this on facebook for 50 bucks. I had a ruttman washer bit i dont know the model of this one.
  6. markus

    late model POINTS steel flywheel for tecumseh small frame 3-5hp wanted

    Looking for a Late model points ignition steel flywheel. Part numbers I do have (but these may only apply to ones without starter rings) are 611024 and 611026 These were mostly used October 1980-around probably october-ish of 1985. They would be found on H30 H35 HS40 and HS50 engines and even...
  7. deezildennis

    What brand and model is this thing #2

    I did a trade for this guy years ago and it's also been sitting in a bead blasted state for years as well. Here's a pic from when I got it.
  8. deezildennis

    What brand and model is this thing #1

    I bought this thing years ago. It's been sitting in a bead blasted state since then. Any idea what brand or model this is?
  9. David wulf

    1967 Powell challenger B model redo

    Yep boys I'am back at it hacking up another rare vintage minibike . This time there's a good reason I'am building another flat track minibike , this ones for my brother Doug . Really all I'am doing is replacing the down tubes , because there bent and have road rash . Also this older model Powell...
  10. relicracing

    Power Products Model 1000 $175

    Spins, no carb. Will trade for Bonanza BC1300Hs parts or Fox rear disc brake setup for a Condor. Thanks. Motor/Me are in Southern NJ.
  11. WrenchDad

    Coil question ,Briggs 5HP model 130202-0135

    Hi guys Currently I cant throw a spark I can feel a small current if I touch the lead while pulling but I cant get a spark to jump. I have cleaned the flywheel and bottom of the legs, I have changed the condenser ,cleaned and set the point but still nothing. I know the coil contact leg gap to...
  12. markus

    Late model piston/rings vs old style (HS40 rebuild)

    Currently building up HS40's and wanted to note a change that Tecumseh made regarding pistons and rings. In later years Tecumseh started using thinner rings. The piston size on an HS crossed with some of the OHH engines (as does alot of other internals) so they offered that piston/rings as an...
  13. drenchedgremlin

    Need gasket set for briggs model 80202

    I am rebuilding an old briggs 80202 model, type 1101-01 3 hp engine. I am having a hard time figuring out which gasket set will fit as i cant find parts directly for the 80202. would the 80202 technically be a part of the 80200 series...
  14. M

    Need B&S model number please help

    I have a B&S I/C that came with a Dune Cat I am restoring. I need some help identifying the model number so I can get gaskets and other parts. The model number that was stamped on starter shroud is illegible. I have already removed the carb, muffler and gas tank. IF those items are needed to...
  15. danford1

    What Gilson model, no rear gas tank.

    I got a Gilson yesterday. It is very similar to my Wards 525 (which is why I got it). The 525 has a hole for the rear gas tank filler neck. This "new" Gilson doesn't. Is there anyway to tell what model it is by the pictures? I can take more pics if needed. There aren't any frame tags as it has...
  16. Fatboy04

    Looking at this one. What's not right with it ? And what model is it ? Kind of liking these Rupps Thanks
  17. D

    Old Rupp, What year and model is it??

    I got this Rupp. What year and model I put on a wider rear swingarm but I kept all of the original parts, swingarm, wheels, brakes... Anyone interested?
  18. james ackerman

    Terra products model 1100/pony bike 444 parts.

    I have an almost complete bike that is in pieces that I bought for just the motor, is there any Interest on here for any parts from this bike. If so I will get them posted up in the parts section with photo and price, just not wanting to list all the parts and take all the photos if there's no...
  19. B

    Bought at auction, no identification of make or model. Any ideas?

    Hello, we bought this at an auction and cant find any make or model identification. Any thoughts on what this is? Any help would be much appreciated!
  20. drenchedgremlin

    What model bonanza could be blue with a scrub brake?

    Someone is selling their roller for $75 but wasnt able to send me pictures. They described it as metallic blue bonanza with a scrub brake. Im not sure but is it true that only certain model bonanzas had a scrub brake? thinking about driving out to take a look, but id like to have a idea what id...