What is this?

So yesterday I picked up a tecumseh engine and a 5 hp briggs. With in a few mins I got both to fire. The guy I got them from said the tecumseh leaked gas very badly from underneath the carb. I have no idea what kind of tecumseh this is or what I need to do to complete this engine.

Gatorfan ,get a front mount and put your tank up front.Then get a 3hp bowl carb and intake set up with the governer arm off the same 3HP.The throttle on that motor can be conveted to work from a cable.Thats usually what I do with them.:shrug:
3-1/2 HP I think.... the "143" series Tecumseh were all Sears/Craftsman powerplants as far as I know......serial # .....1986 :shrug:

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KustomKart nailed it (No surprise):thumbsup:
The shroud number you posted is a Sears Craftsman part number which cross references to a Tecumseh H35 - 45592R, which is indeed a 3.5 HP- NICE ENGINE!!:wink:
If you query the Sears number at the Sears Parts Direct website, the parts breakdown is shown, and in most cases, the part number is a Tecumseh number.