Which Rupp is this?

Found one local, I know the engine, tank and seat are not correct but there is a tag on the frame with SN 18100.

Any thoughts on the frame model?

Thank you!


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Purple.....It's got to be a Taco... Right?:smile:

With all those oddball parts I guess it could
be whatever model you want to make it.
SHewwwwww thats a pretty good one.. :laugh: The triangle tank with no jackshaft and big rear springs.. Boyyyy I'd almost guess Digger but I know that's wrong.. I'm pretty sure Digger is a Goat with no jackshaft....

You need to ask jmbmini, he'll know...
HOLY SHIT!!!! Lighted 3.5 horse tecumseh, and triangle gas tank??? :eek:hmy:

Yup, better to send that one to Rick Dale...

That'll be $892,000 please.. :devil2: :deal:

Pretty sure it looked like this at one time

A 1967 Continental Custom. but, I've been wrong before!

His bike had the big shocks and takes the triangle tank... JMBmini wins this round ... (as always) :laugh:

Alright, what is that cat holding in his hands.???....I'm almost afraid to ask...:doah:
fresh picked catnip... It makes em a little weird..

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Catnip buds when the little purple and white flowers are dried up from being picked..

It actually looks DAMN close to marajahoochie..... OR so I've been told.. :anon.sml:
tank is a wizard repro and the shocks are not either. i believe the above pictures to be correct in the 1967 Continental Custom description.

Any chance there is a rupp serial number database somewhere to verify original color, etc.?

Thanks everyone

you really think those mounts for the tank are original??? or those shocks?
:laugh: YEAH actually now that I look at them are they are the wrong shocks.. The Rupp sebac shocks had the small tapered end on the bottom..

The tank mounts are in about the right spot, although is DOES look like someone was welding in that area.. :shrug:
Previous owner told me he welded the tank mounts, arg! i hope to strip it down and grind them off and repaint. Only issue then is finding a gas tank that i can use under top of the frame. better off yet is to find a tank/engine combo that fits as well!
look around craigslist.. There's usually lots of little tecumsehs on sidewalk edgers and stuff that have most all the parts ya want...

THAT tank is a BREEZE to find...

Thank GOD you don't need the triangle tank... Those ARE impossible to find..