wild goose?

Thanks boss! Appreciate the insightful response! I payed $36.99 for it. whoops!?
That response sounded a bit sarcassholic. Sorry we are not here for your convenience but that's how us Ol' Codgers are, don't cha know. Now you sell that mini for what ya paid for it ($36.99) which is about double what it's worth and you go buy a "Miss Manners" book. After you get done coloring all the pictures, read it and get back to us.


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Most people on this forum frown on people trying to JUST know what they have and how much it's worth just to sell it.

This mini bike forum is here to help you get your mini bike running or restored to stock. Need Help with your custom mini? People here will go beyond the call of duty to help if you're worth it.
It's more than just a mini bike forum.

You're obviously not here to get help fixing your bike......
Thanks for the thoughtful paragraph and reading suggestion. Be more like Patrick Craig guys! It’s a mini bike forum!
Thanks and it’s Craik with a K. These guys are really trying to help. You may have to wait a bit for an answer to your questions, starting new threads for the same reason not a good idea. I know, I’ve done it before forgetting my original post, thinking I asked on another site.