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    Anyone building any GX390 - Predator 420 bikes

    420db30 go for it,step outside the you know what i think,just no kids....did you find out anything on that mia builder,let me know,i might call the job next.....:shrug:
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    gov arm

    volvo hey zee,what model volvo you workin on??? like the volvo's..:smile:
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    gov arm

    thank you guys needed that,thanks... had other motors,where it had been in other holes... never bottom,just second to the top....
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    gov arm

    are the rod lengths the same on all 3.5's? will my side popper arm work on another 3.5? rod that runs from gov arm too top of carb. what hole should it be in? top middle or bottom?
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    carb help please.......

    thanks guys if that pic of inner carb j posted is what it should look like,then there is sonething in the carb. butterfly moves freely,something is in it.. out it comes,i will try again in morning. keep you posted. has bottom spring off gov arm. we will see. so plastic is not a piece of carb?
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    carb help please.......

    sorry, there is a.piece of plastic in the carb. looks weird. it need springs,i know. but that wierd piece is got to wrong. it blocks butterfly.
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    tec carb
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    tec carb
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    carb help please.......

    guy shows up with a nice manco streaker,prob is as follows... bike starts but shuts down guickly,please use pics as note. carb has a strange piece of plastic in it,i say it should'nt be there. needs return spring,not wire. ?????does that plastic piece belong in carb,i saw a minkuni with a...
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    thanks fellas guy is on his way,said it was a small bike. and the carb won't keep it running. paper clip linkage,but we will see.
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    any help would be great. what is it.
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    mystrey bike
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    looks and sounds great

    anyone using their products???? R. E. Phelon Company Inc. - Engine Electronics and Aluminum Die-cast.. input please...
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    anybody in georgia?

    snellville where everyone is somebody,nice little place,know it very well..(too well):-)
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    what are? any good

    brown carbs not referring to the color,forget that.. what is the right size mikuni for a 3horse,22seems to be the carb that everyone slaps on everything. should it be the same ??replacing a walbro,no interest in trying to clean or rebuild it.:shrug: