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    Mechanical Walking Machine Progect

    Amazing work Jeep !!
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    OldMiniBikes Subscription Renewal

    try subscribed threads at the top and scroll down the left column.
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    Well wishes to DocDC

    Best wishes Doc on your procedure :thumbsup:
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    Pinto front wheel and tire

    Your very welcome its In the mail :thumbsup:
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    Pinto front wheel and tire

    I found this stashed away its 3 1/2" wide x 6" PM me FF its its what your looking for :smile:.
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    Pinto front wheel and tire

    I'll check and see what I have in the daylight hours and get a measurement Freddy I may have a 6" steel wheel available.:thumbsup:
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    Unknown Mini, unusual engine mount

    It has bird engineered features.
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    ** Happy Birthday Tom S. **

    Happy Birthday Tom :smile:
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    Happy Birthday Clayon

    Happy B-Day Clay I hope it was a good one. :smile:
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    Happy Birthday metal man!!

    Happy Birthday Metal Man :thumbsup:
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    20 degree angle carb wedge.

    Rupp mini bike Tecumseh HS40 Slanted Intake Manifold , Original | eBay
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    H35 gaskets

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    H35 gaskets

    Ray , Im not quite sure which one you need that you got listed but if you PM me your address Ill put a head gasket in the mail for you and you can try it out if it works its yours. I got plenty on hand :thumbsup: Mark Happy Holidays !!
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    Happy American Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving OldMiniBikes :smile:
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    Where are all the posts?

    I think theres just not much going on right now :shrug: .