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  • As I said frikin nice. I thought it was kind if funny you saying you didnt like them and now you show up with one, lol. You will like how they ride. maybe hot rod it with the stock 6.5 package. it can be done with no bike mods. Just adptor plate and a few other minor items.
    David I'm well thank you for asking. As for your other question much blood has been spilled from both parties involved some wounds take longer to heal where as other become fatal..either way Dave I will survive
    David - wish you would call me at 805 889 1932, I will totally fill you in on Ana St and more about the "CA Dream Minibike Weekend"

    I'm not sure how much HP I'm putting out.... I'd guess 15-16. The TAV I bought is pretty sturdy, the Chinese copy with the ribbed aluminum backing plate (as opposed to the stamped steel on some). It's really all about how hard you plan on launching. I can tell you that with mine, a full throttle launch will have you saying bye bye to your bike as it shoots down the road with the front wheel in the air. Really. So there's not a lot of power going to the driven off the line in the real world.

    I think you'll be fine.

    Good luck!
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