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    Spark plug "heat" questions....

    Hey rob, switching wont make any difference in performance. The bpr5es one notch "hotter" so it may help burn off extra carbon. keep in mind how much the engine gets loaded down and brought up to full power and temp. if your just putting around with a lot of idling the bpr5 may run cleaner (even...
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    Manco Thunderbird

    Custom manco thunderbird in granny smith green metallic. Runs great, rebuilt 3.5 Tecumseh. selling to get my son something bigger his knees hit the handle bars. $600obo, Baltimore, md. shipping not included, if you have a commercial account, I may be able to break it down into ups-able size boxes.
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    Briggs 5hp for sale

    Briggs 5 hp, This is a late 70s generator spec. the crank was machined to 3/4" threaded and keyway added. My son ran this on his manco at windber last year. runs good, standard ignition, leaks a little oil. clutch not included $65 from Baltimore, md. plus shipping
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    VM22/ Mikuni Type 3 Throttle Cable Adapter?

    what up.....check motion pro maybe a 05-0040, maybe you can use it to make one....
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    5hp briggs crankshaft

    wanted: 5hp briggs crankshaft for my leaf vac..... 3/4", 1"pto and 7/8" flw. journals :thumbsup:
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    Windber mini bike reunion 2018

    I had to print mine too.....
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    Brakes locking up

    did you replace the shoes? The linings may be worn to the point the brake cam cannot reset itself when the brakes are released. maybe look over the brake cable and any springs.
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    Tecumseh Model

    if you end up swapping it the tapered one up for sale, those can be repurposed, recut/ keyed to 3/4"od its not worth much but it is a good core
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    H25-35 connecting rods, which do you preffer

    good ol' Dura-lock bolts and machined serrations at the mating surfaces, never had a issue with them once. I prefer the stud & nut setup, especially for reuse. plus theres a little room to play with clearance, sanding the cap surfaces for worn crankpins. be careful with those import pot metal...
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    Post your motorcycles!

    nice bikes guys, I finished this one last year, 1985 CR500r first year water cooled.
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    Feeler guage, compression tester for briggs engines?

    if your getting into working on these little engines seriously consider buying a leak down tester, its a good way to look into a engine without pulling it down. if you eventually get any newer pull start engines, they are equipped with compression releases necessitating either spinning the...
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    wanted new style baja triples

    Looking for a set of these triple trees: id be willing to purchase outright or trade my existing triples running XR80 forks.
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    JLO 230 flywheel question

    is the point cam attached to the flywheel? post up a photo if you can
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    JLO 230 flywheel question

    are there any rust marks on the crank near the keyways or the flywheel where it looks like the key contacted it? or line up the point cam in relation to tdc (points opening)
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    Briggs off Craftsman Snowblower ID

    that's a unique spec. looks like the pto shaft is slightly longer than a standard biggie, the model numbers are on the silver air shield or the pull starter housing. briggs make a cap to cover dipstick hole p/n 691363. the flywheel and housing may be wider than usuall, to...