212 predator

  1. K

    390 carb on 212 hemi predator seems to be working, or is it?

    So I just put a 390 carb on my predator hemi 212 and I think I may actually have it set right somehow. I think… It idles perfectly with the choke off and does not sputter or cut out when you get on it or at any point. And the spark plug looks like the mixture is just right. It’s actually a beast...
  2. E

    Predator 212 top speed issues

    Hello everyone, so I had a brad new predator 212 non hemi version with a Mikuni carb with a 135 jet in it and I was able to hit speeds upwards of 55mph on my ct100u with nothing else done to it but unfortunately that engine started having some issues with it so I went and swapped it out. Now I...
  3. vegetable

    Help! Predator 212 won't start no matter what I do

    So I have a non-hemi 212 predator, and it ran fine before I started doing mods to it. When I installed the stage 1 kit from GPS, I couldn't run the engine off of choke for more than a few seconds, and it would eventually die out anyway. I replaced the stock carburetor and it still did the same...
  4. 661_Minis

    How can I measure valve spring install height

    Hello, I will be installing 26lbs springs in a non hemi predator and would like to know how can I measure the spring install height without any special tools? Thanks
  5. 661_Minis

    10.5 to 1 compression on 212 predator

    Hello, I’m building a predator 212 non hemi and need advice on achieving a 10.5 to 1 compression ratio, how much should I shave the head? I haven’t measured how deep the piston is in the hole yet because I already took the whole engine apart and I’m waiting on my ring compressor and other parts...
  6. B

    Broke my crankshaft and trying to find the right replacement

    I have a non-hemi predator 212 and the crankshaft broke to the point where i can’t put my torque converter on. I’m trying to find a replacement part for it but all I can find specifically for predators are hemi cranks. I don’t know if those are compatible or not. I also found a tillotson...
  7. force

    Baja Warrior Build

    Hi all, new to the forum, thought I'd share my latest build. Basically a frame up repaint, new front forks, new Predator 212 w/ a cam, billet rod & flywheel, Mikuni 22mm carb, fiberglass wrapped header, new seat, fuel tank, tachometer, number plate, grips, and a foot peg solution I stole from...
  8. TankforGod3

    212 predator 22mm mikuni

    I have a 212 predator I wanna install a 22mm carb and I can order everything tonight but I have a question. When I put the manifold on how will I get the carb studs out and what kind of bolts do I need to bolt the manifold onto the head. I'm not paying $30 for the manifold from nrracing so I'm...
  9. TankforGod3

    arc Performance cast rod?

    I've been checking out connecting rods for my engine and I came across thishttp://www.OldMiniBikes.com/?target=product&product_id=32297 it says its a performance cast rod from arc. Has anyone used thisk? are they worth anything? How many rpms will it hold up too? They are a whole lot easier on...
  10. CJdoodlebug90

    ----preadator non hemi connecting rod------

    What site has the cheapest connecting rods for 212cc? And does it matter how long the rod is? And whats the effects off a longer rod and will i have to do any machining?
  11. TankforGod3

    Steel connecting rods?

    I was wondering if anyone makes a high performance steel connecting rod for the predator, one of my buddies revs his engine to 6500rpm on the stock rod and refuses to upgrade to a billet aluminum rod, because its aluminum. I also don't want him to learn the hard way that stock rods aren't meant...
  12. TankforGod3

    no governor high rpms

    If I remove my governor would I rev higher I currently have a comet 30 series with the 7" rear pulley a 9 tooth drive sprocket and a 60 tooth axle sprocket and I have 16in tall rear tires I can burn the tires and get up to about 30-35mph but I want to go faster so would removing the governor...
  13. TankforGod3

    which cam is best for the predator

    I have a 212 predator for my go kart its a smaller frame but it has a roll cage on it. The frame is a manco 486 pheonix eagle 2 lxt. I'm looking to up the performance on it i have an air filter .035" main jet and an rlv header but i don't know if I should get a CL-1 cam or a BSP-3 racing cam. I...
  14. C

    gx200 20mm carb?

    I was wondering if a 20mm throttle bore gx200 carbs are rare, all the ones I ever had were 17.80