1. 1969 Cat 300X

    1969 Cat 300X


    Vintage Cat 300

    Took me awhile to decide what I wanted to do with this one but I think I finally decided to do a retro cruiser build with it. I've had this experimental clone motor built and on the shelf for awhile so time to give it a home. I plan on doing bike mostly original with the exception of the engine...
  3. 9

    WTB:Cat 300x Clutch Cover

    Let me know if you have one.. Thanks,Alan
  4. R

    300x 350ss or something else?

  5. Stitch

    Nice 1969 CAT 300x on C.L. $250

    Here is one of the oldies near Cleveland, Ohio. Not mine. I thought I'd pass it along... Large heavy duty tool box
  6. C

    Cat 300x

    Looking for CAT 300X, any condition. Chris
  7. Xander

    Cat 300x Rolling frame

    Hi All Here is one of mine up for sale 1969 cat 300x ROLLING FRAME minibike mini bike and extra engines Thanks
  8. Xander

    Cat 300x

    cat 300x minibike mini bike and extra engines
  9. Cat 300x seat

    Cat 300x seat

    Cat 300x
  10. Cat 300x seat

    Cat 300x seat

    Cat 300x
  11. Fatboy04

    The last Cat 300x frame

    For Sale Cat 300x frame only, one small repair that cleaned up nice. $60.00 plus shipping Located in Cedar Rapids Iowa for pickup, but will ship on your dime Pegs have rubber on them as does the scrub brake. Pay Pal as a friend will work just fine. THANKS
  12. bikerboybenny8

    Iso cat 300x rims, stars not needed

    Trying to get this project together, who's got a set of cat rims??
  13. John G.

    1969 Cat 300X

    Time to let this one go, too many projects and this one needs a new home. 1969 Cat 300x This was the first year of the Cat mini bikes and they originally used a 3 hp briggs in 69 for this model. Original color seems to be orange. The 3 hp briggs that is on there is crap no governor and it...
  14. bikerboybenny8

    ISO CAT 300x forks

    I need some forks, someone's holding out! Let me know what you've got!
  15. Fatboy04

    Cat 300X Handle bars

    For Sale Cat 300X Handle Bars Not that bad of shape, $35.00 plus shipping Pay Pal as a friend is fine Can be picked up in Cedar Rapids Iowa
  16. A

    Cat 300x....?

    Or am I missing something? Did they just add the front fender? I'm no expert by an means on cat mini bikes picked up last night for 150 Came with a h35 not sure if it's correct for it
  17. S

    Hello, and Cat 300x scrub brake question

    Hello, I'm new to this site and to mini bikes. I recently bought a few bikes and I'll need a little help getting them going. I need a close up picture of the scrub brake set up for a Cat. I just got the 300x frame and wheels over the weekend and at some point someone torched off the portion...
  18. 1stBxMopar

    1969 Cat 300X Original Condition

    The roller is in original condition, never repainted or altered. The chrome, tires and seat are all in nice shape. This is a 300X with a disc brake not the more common scrub brake version... It's a 69' so the original engine would have been a 3hp Briggs... The 4hp Briggs engine I have on the...
  19. B

    Cat 300X

    Front fork on the Cat has a spring to help dampen the bumps. Mine is somewhat collapsed. Does anyone have a spec for this spring or a best guess.
  20. topnotch

    Cat inspired by Derek

    I always wanted to build that 1970 Cat 300x from the advertisement. After a year of contemplating whether I should build it or not :confused:, the straw that broke the camels back was when I saw the 1970 300x Regal metallic gold survivor Derek posted. I had not seen a member here with that year...