1. E

    97cc running issues, looking for input.

    I know, I know, just swap it out for a 212. But I already have the 97 and I'm trying to complete this one on the cheap. Before I got it the motor hadn't run in years. The gas tank and carb were gummed with varnished gas. I grabbed a replacement carb off Amazon and a new gas tank. The motor...
  2. E

    Baja 97cc cylinder head fastener torque specs?

    Anyone happen to know what the torque specs are for the cylinder head bolts on a Baja 97cc motor? I can't find anything google and I'd like to make sure I get it back close to OE spec at least.
  3. E

    Doodlebug 97cc throttle linkage.

    I have this , 97cc that originally came off my Doodlebug. Recently I decided to fix it up and slap it in another frame. I got it all cleaned up and back together today and I want to make sure my throttle linkage is correct. The spring from the throttle arm to the governor arm is always...
  4. D

    Loose Flywheel Nut on DB30R Stock 97cc Engine

    My pull start is out of commission and while waiting on the new assembly to arrive, I tried starting the engine using a cordless drill and 11/16 socket. The engine started up, but the nut on the impeller loosened up and caused the impeller to fall off while the engine was running. I tried...
  5. 4

    Baja 97cc HELP!!!!

    :thumbsup:Hey guys, New to this site and currently building a doodlebug for my twin boys. So the linkage was gone from the 97cc engine and i have been buying parts little by little but unsure what is needed next. I searched the site looking for info with no luck. So the piece that I am...
  6. D

    baja doodle bug 97cc DB30s ( help Needed)

    Hello to all, My name is DJ Need some help, first time dealing with a minibike and dont know much. I have a Doodle bug Baja 97cc, DB30s and its missing the complete rear tire. Have tried to make this a retirement project but dont even know were to start. i know this much from doing some...
  7. A

    ISO Jetted Carburetor for DB30 97cc

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and have purchased a clean 97cc DB30 for my son for Christmas this year. He is 8 and has never ridden before, so I prefer to leave the 97cc on it for now. I have installed a jackshaft kit, new plug, green clutch spring, and cleaned the carb. It starts and...
  8. B

    baja 97cc tappet valves

    Need a tappet valve for Baja 97cc motor. Will take pair, but need only one. This seems to be the one Baja part OldMiniBikes does not sell. Scott
  9. Fisher1983

    97cc carburetion options

    Morning, While some may scoff at the thought, Im keeping my 97cc on my Dirt Bug. Its piped and jetted, but I still hate the factory carb. I considered getting an actual G100 Honda branded carb, but wonder if anyone has experimented with other carbs? I remember a YouTube video of a guy with a...
  10. A

    Baja Doodle bug 97cc carb/governor problem

    I know this has been asked more than once but I can't seem to get this engine to run right. I bought this doodle bug on Craig list and the guy I bought it from said it ran before he took the carb off. He gave me the old carb and linkage in a plastic bag. I put a new carb on it and put the...
  11. W

    HELP!!! port and polish problems 97cc DB motor

    Need help I recently mildly port and polished my friends 97cc engine and when we got it running again the low end power and ruined and you can barely move. I adjusted the carb and checked the spark plug so the engine is running at the right AFRs but that only made it a little better. We noticed...
  12. Sixpac440

    Who sells a gas cap for an MBX11? Stock 97cc motor.

    The one I have spits gas out of the vent when the tank is full. Or is there another issue here?
  13. R

    97cc baja wont idle

    ok the motor is a 97CC Baja. i cant get it to run with out the choke. itll start fine and will idle kind of high, so ill turn the idle screw down to where its idling well but sometimes as soon as i touch the choke a hair to take it off itll either stall or idle really low. i just cleaned the...
  14. Danny01

    97cc 5/8" clutch... need gone!

    I have the original clutch that came on the 97cc engine... I believe it is a 5/8" bore... it's an 11tooth, 35chain... the teeth on the sprocket are all intact... please pm me!
  15. Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox
  16. Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox
  17. Danny01

    97cc parts!!!

    if anyone needs parts for the 97cc engine let me know please!!! (clutch, carb, custom muffler,etc)
  18. Danny01

    97cc doodlebug engine

    is there any interest in one of these? I'm looking to get some money for mine so I can put it towards the 212 that I NEED... pm me if you would like to see pics or know more about what I have done to it (:
  19. Danny01

    97cc timing key

    I know everybody swapped their engines out so let's we what happens... I need the timing key for the 97cc engine they came on the Baja racer doodle bug... Please let me know asap thank you
  20. Fatboy04

    Baia 97cc VS Predator 97cc

    I have two new doodle bugs with the stock motors and one old doodle bug with a stock motor for my Grandkids. One runs great and the other two run like crap. For a couple hundred dollars will I be better off with two new 97 cc Predators ? My goal is to have a doodle bug per Grandkid (7) but not...